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The city of sin and debauchery is, not surprisingly, a mecca for party-people - but while there's a somewhat seedy edge to this liberal playground, if you want to makes sure you hit the best Amsterdam bars & clubs with cool people, a pub crawl is a must!
Amsterdam city lights by night

Which is the best Pub Crawl in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a party city; famously notorious for a liberal cultural tolerance of sex and drugs, and there’s no shortage of rock ‘n’ roll attitude either. People like to have a good time here, and at night there’s a good time to be had all the time. So, how do you best soak up the Dutch capital’s atmospheric nightlife? On a pub crawl, of course! There’s a number of pub crawls in Amsterdam, but not all bar crawls are created equal – here’s our expert overview of the best pub crawls and bar crawl tours in Amsterdam for unbeatable nights out.

Pub Crawls amsterdam

The Pub crawls Amsterdam website is a great source of ready-made pub crawl routes around the Dutch capital, and they are all self-guided and free to do.

The routes are put together by an Amsterdam local, Michiel, out of his passion and love for Amsterdam’s nightlife and they are a great way to explore parts of the city that conventional organised pub crawl tours don’t visit, such as the bohemian Pjip district or the Old West area, for example.

If you are a group visiting Amsterdam (or, indeed, if you’re a lone traveller, gather a posse of peeps at the hostel) pick a route and venture out. The pub crawls with a star icon include some special deals with some of the bars on the route

Pub Crawls Amsterdam

Pub Crawl Leidseplein by Ultimate Party Amsterdam

Pub Crawl Amsterdam

Leidseplein square is a busy nightlife hotspot in Amsterdam, and so it’s an ideal place for a bar crawl in Amsterdam. This Amsterdam pub crawl visits six venues in total and you get a free beer or wine or soft drink in each one, as well as a free shot in each of the first three bars. There’s also 30 minutes of unlimited Vodka shots poured into your mouth…if you so desire.

It costs €19.95 and entrance to all venues is free, and the ladies get a free t-shirt….why just girls, I don’t know; maybe they want to attract a high volume of females to balance out the high density of fellas visiting Amsterdam, or they mistakenly ordered too many lady-fit tees.

Amsterdam nightlife pub crawl in the red light district

Red Light District Amsterdam Pub Crawl

The same company also offer a Red Light District bar crawl in Amsterdam for €18, starting at 8pm, which also visits six venues, one of which is a club, and gets you a free Jägermeister, Vodka, Sambuca or Apple Sour shot in each place. This Red Light District pub crawl is more chilled out than their Leidseplein bar crawl, and so it’s a good alternative for a night out if you’re not a big fan of clubs. You can also book a combined pub crawl ticket for €32 which allows you to do both Amsterdam pub crawls and experience two different Amsterdam nights out.

Is it worth doing a pub crawl in Amsterdam?

Yes! There’s no two ways about it. Aside from the savings and budget-friendly aspect of doing a pub crawl, thanks to free nightclub entrance and free & discounted drinks and shots, Amsterdam is a wild night out and, unless you know it very well, it can prove to be a somewhat overwhelming task to navigate your way through the crowds of party-people and make sure you get into the best bars and clubs.

It’s a city in which you simply must experience the party atmosphere and an Amsterdam pub crawl is the perfect way to do that with a ready-made gang of drinking-buddies and friendly lovely local Amsterdam bar crawl guides – it’s a no-brainer.

Tips for pub crawling in Amsterdam
Bring ID.
If you’re blessed with youthful good looks, bring some ID.
Soft drugs
Although Amsterdam is known for a liberal soft drug policy, this is the domain of dedicated coffeeshops and may not be so inconsequential in and around other venues, or welcomed by pub crawl guides and fellow crawlers – so, be mindful and considerate.
High heels
Consider wearing flats rather than high-heels, as you will be walking a lot, not just dancing!
Ask guides
Find out from the pub crawl guide where the bar crawl ends while you’re still sober and mark it on your map of Amsterdam so you’ll know how to get back to your bed, whether that’s on the same night or not 😉