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To get the best of local Lisbon nightlife, hit the proper hot-spots and avoid the tourist-traps, get your ass on a pub crawl! Here's the best of the pub crawls in Lisbon to ensure an excellent night and great value.
Lisbon Pub Crawl

Which is the best Pub Crawl in Lisbon?

Like any popular party capital, Lisbon bars are central to a fantastic nightlife and there are a number of pub crawls roaming the city, visiting some of the best bars in Lisbon and soaking up the atmosphere. Some are great, fun-filled events with excellent pub crawl guides and some are, well, let’s just say “less great”. If you’re researching different ones online you may be beginning to see how similar bar crawls in Lisbon are in what they offer, so it’s easy to get confused when comparing one bar crawl to another. But worry not, for to make sure you end up on the best Lisbon pub crawl to suit your tastes we’ve taken a little look at the most popular options below.

Pub Crawls lisbon

While the majority of pub crawls in the Portuguese capital don’t run every night of the week, The Lisbon Pub Crawl does, so it’s a little more itinerary-friendly when it comes to planning your trip, and a safe bet for a last-minute-decision bar crawl.

This bar crawl visits three bars in the buzzing Bairro Alto district before heading to a popular nightclub. Which nightclub depends on the night, but is usually one of the well-known Music Box, Lisboa Rio, Urban Beach, or Lust in Rio, among others. Of course, entry and skip the line is included as part of the crawl, as are a free shot in the first and third pubs, and you get an hour of unlimited beer or sangria at the second pub. You can also upgrade your options at the open bar to include Vodka & Gin, if you so desire, for an additional €5.

You can meet the Lisbon pub crawl guides in yellow t-shirts or hoodies at Camões Square, next the statue, every night at 10:30 p.m. and the cost is €15.

Lisbon Pub Crawls

Lisbon Pub Crawl by Lisbon Destination Tours

Pub Crawl Lisbon

This pub crawl is actually organised and operated by a local hostel, which is a good thing because good hostels usually care a lot about their guests’ experiences, not just in their property but in their city; so if a hostel actually makes the effort to create an experience their guests can enjoy, such as a bar crawl, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be of good quality and include local venues & bars that they, the hostel staff, actually go to themselves rather than "tourist-traps".

And because they’ve already got a great audience of in-house guests eager to party & explore local nightlife, chances of having a decent-sized crew on the crawl are good. If you’ve ever been on a bar crawl with only five or six other people, you’ll know that it can be a little awkward at times and less than epic - but a group of about 20 or so can be just perfect!

This Pub Crawl runs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday nights from Sunset Destination Hostel, Cais do Sodré, at 10:30 p.m. and for €16 you get 5 shots, 2 beers, visit local Lisbon bars, skip the line nightclub entry, local guides, and you can play beer pong too.

Collage of pub crawlers drinking and partying in Lisbon
Funky Monkey Pub Crawl Lisbon

As well as having a fun(ky) name, Funky Monkey Pub Crawl has legacy – having been crawling in Lisbon for more than seven fun-filled years now, they know how to party and are still going strong.

Visiting 3 of the best bars in Lisbon and a club with free entry (the now standard bar crawl pattern in Lisbon), the price of €15 gets you free shots, drink specials, drinking games like beer pong, and an hour of unlimited beer & sangria (the now standard bar crawl fare). However, a nice additional touch on the Funky Monkey Pub Crawl is the choice of having two long drinks of vodka or rum with mixer instead of the open bar – perfect if you’re not a big beer-drinker or a fan of the local punch as you won’t have to suffer swigging beer or sangria just to get value for money. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

This one starts a little later than the others, meeting at 11 p.m. in Largo Trindade Coelho (by the statue) or outside São Roque church in Bairro Alto, which you will find on any map of Lisbon, every night except Sundays, and the bar crawl guides wear red t-shirts.

Do I need to book a Pub Crawl in Lisbon?

No, booking is not usually required for pub crawls in Lisbon, except for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and even Valentine’s Day when booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. You can usually book through the pub crawl’s website.

Is it worth doing a pub crawl in Lisbon?

Absolutely yes! If you want a good night out in popular Lisbon bars & clubs, without the worry of having to figure out where to go and where to avoid, want to easily meet other revellers and not spend a fortune, then Lisbon pub crawls are a perfect solution. Just entrance fees to clubs in Lisbon can usually cost between €10 and €20, so it’s definitely well worth joining a crawl for excellent value.

Tips for pub crawling in Lisbon?
Bring ID.
If you’re blessed with youthful good looks, bring some ID.
Dress code
Be mindful of potential dress code issues – don’t wear white runners, for example, or a mankini!
High heels
High heels might not be entirely bar crawl-friendly either, due to there being some walking involved, sometimes on ancient cobble-stoned streets.
Budget for more drinks other than those included in the price.
Eat before venturing out
It might be a good idea to have eaten before venturing out; pub crawls start around 10:30 p.m. in Lisbon and you usually arrive to the club at about 2 a.m., which is when the locals start clubbing, so it can be a long night if you haven’t eaten. Plus, you’ll be thankful for having lined your stomach the following day.
Ask guides
Last but not least, ask the pub crawl guide where you’ll finish up while you’re still sober and make sure you know how you’ll get back to where you’re staying – that might not be until after dawn the next morning, but eventually you’ll have to leave the club.

This should help you find your ideal pub crawl to explore the best bars with local Lisbon pub crawl guides, but a bar crawl is but one thing to do here; there is of course much about Lisbon to embrace, both by night and by day – check out our quick local tips (link) for what to see, do, and where to eat & drink in Lisbon, and make the most of your trip to the Portuguese capital.