Busy nightlife scene at the Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy

Which is the best Pub Crawl in Rome?

Pub crawls have huge potential to disappoint, be it the venues they go to, the quality of their guides, and the value of what your money gets you in terms of free drinks & discounts, etc. That’s why we’ve put our top recommended Rome bar crawls below so you can choose the bar crawl in Rome that’s right for you!

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The Colosseum Pub Crawl starts off with a free shot and a drinks power hour whereby you have unlimited beer, wine, and mixers. Not only that but you also get free pizza, it is Rome after all, which is perfect for lining the stomach and potentially making the next day’s hangover a little less severe! You can play party games too with these guys, beer pong and shiz.

The pub crawl then continues to a few more venues, usually including dance bars and a hopping rooftop club. The good thing about this bar crawl though is that there are different routes on different nights, and they also run special events, such as Toga bar crawls and open air parties. What’ more, you can pub crawl for free on your birthday and get a free bottle of Champagne – not too shabby!

This Rome pub crawl costs €20 and starts at 9:15 P.M. from the Colosseo Metro stop, which is very easy to find on a Rome metro map. Book online to get a free pub crawl t-shirt too.

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Rome bar Crawl by Rome’s Ultimate Party

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Also known by Spanish Steps Pub crawl, this one is a little pricier at €25 than the one mentioned above, but they do offer discounts on certain nights such as Ladies night on Tuesdays and college night on Thursdays. It also incudes a free shot at the start and an unlimited power hour and a pizza buffet and free bar crawl t-shirt. An important thing to note is that there is a dress code on this crawl, no open shoes (I guess that’s flip-flops) and no shorts for guys….you’ll just have to show off those beautiful legs during the day, fellas.

This pub crawl runs every night and starts from 9:30 P.M. at the Highlander pub on Via Della Lupa, seven blocks from the Spanish steps on your Rome city map.

Nightlife in Rome

Don’t be fooled by that unique sophistication that only Italian wine bars and quaint traditional taverns can pull off; while elegance is in abundance in the local nightlife, Rome is an absolute beast when it comes to nights out.

A popular club and Italian disco scene in the 60’s & 70’s means that a love for clubs and revelry is part of Rome’s DNA, and a thriving university and student population makes for a fantastic pub and bar scene too. So, how to best experience all that’s on offer on a night out here? Join a pub crawl in Rome!

Is it worth doing a pub crawl in Rome?

Absolutely! Pub crawls are great for having a ready-made party crew and local party guides to head out with, and in Rome that’s a very nice way to experience the nightlife – especially if you’re visiting and unfamiliar with the best clubs and bars. And it’s pretty good value too, Rome is not an inexpensive city to party in, so joining a pub crawl in Rome is the ideal way to have a great night out, and stay in budget.

Tips for pub crawling in Rome
Bring ID.
If you’re blessed with youthful good looks, bring some ID.
Dress code
Be aware of any dress codes as you will definitely be hitting clubs and dance bars which operate dress policies. And high-heels are probably best avoided for practical purposes, as you will do a fair bit of walking.
Drink responsibly
Power hours are not intended as a challenge, and you don’t need to drink as many drinks as there are grains of sand passing through the timer. Being shit-faced by the time you haven’t even left the first bar is not a good way to enjoy the rest of the night, nor will you be too popular with pub crawl guides or fellow crawlers if you’re a complete mess early on.
Ask guides
Ask the guide where the bar crawl ends while you’re still sober and mark it on your map of Rome – it’s good to know where you are when you eventually spill out of the club!