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Which is the best Pub Crawl in Krakow?

Krakow, in south Poland, is well known for its Medieval character and rich history, but it is equally endowed when it comes to nightlife reputation. It is said that Krakow city centre has the highest concentration of bars in the world – whether or not that is entirely accurate, there’s no denying that it is a real party city, and a perfect place to join a pub crawl. There are a few different Krakow bar crawls to choose from but, as we know well, not all are created equal; so which is the best pub crawl in Krakow? We’ve compiled our favourites below for you to check out. You’re welcome.

Pub Crawls krakow

The Krakow crawl runs every night, and includes 1 Hour Unlimited beer, vodka, rum, shots, and mixers at the start, free entry to venues (usually 4 per night, including a decent club), and free welcome shots in each place which are poured into your mouth by the guide - this isn’t to everyone’s liking who might prefer to get shot in a shot glass, yours truly included, but hey, it’s good to give up control a little sometimes. Aside from the good value and fun guides, the best thing about this pub crawl is the array of drinking games to assist the group in getting liquored up; such as bar crawl bingo, drunk Jenga, King’s cup, coin toss, ‘fuck the bus’, and more inventive games as well as the old reliable pub crawl favourites, beer pong and flip-cup.

This pub crawl meets at Rynek Główny 6, 33-332, in front of Mariacki Church on your map of Krakow, at 9:45 P.M. and costs €14, but book online for just €11.

Pub crawlers playing one of the drinking games, drunk bingo, on a bar crawl in Krakow

Krawl Through Krakow (KTK)

Pub Crawl Krakow

Cool enough to spell crawl with a K, this bar crawl is the #1 rated night-life activity in Krakow on TripAdvisor. It’s not too dissimilar in its offering as the afore mentioned one; it also offers a power hour of free alcohol, albeit with a little more variety - there’s a choice of beer, vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, wine, shots, and mixers, and it visits 4 venues including at least one night club, free entry to each, and free shots from the bottle, and there’s also free shisha pipe, if that floats your boat.

This pub crawl is the original in Krakow, started in 2008, so they sure know how to do great bar crawls by now and, because they have such a long legacy, they work with a lot of bar and club partners, meaning plenty of scope for different routes each outing and being able to access the best parties in town on any particular night – which makes their discount incentive for returning again all the sweeter!

Meet at 9 P.M. at the Adam’s Statue and it’s €14.50 for fellas and, in a blatant attempt to lure heterosexual guys, €13.20 for girls.

Is it worth doing a pub crawl in Krakow?

For sure! Drinks are relatively cheap in Poland compared to many European cities but pub crawls in Krakow are not just about saving money on drinks, it’s a great city in which to really invest yourself in the nightlife – and for many, that doesn’t always come so easily in a new city, language, and culture. So a pub crawl is a sure fire way of meeting people, both local and travelling, and having a blast together in a social city that really is a lot of fun come night-time. Doing a bar crawl in Krakow is also the best way to make sure you get into the best bars and venues, while saving on the night club entrance fees which can be relatively expensive – but when it comes down to it, pub crawls in Krakow are worth doing just for the people you’ll meet and the fun you’ll have, especially the drinking games.

Tips for pub crawling in Krakow
Bring ID.
If you’re blessed with youthful good looks, bring some ID.
Late run
Close to 10 P.M. might seem a little late to be starting a pub crawl compared to most cities, but this is actually early enough by Krakow standards where closing times seem to be rather flexible – it could be a long night. Pre-drinking before the pub crawl is not a great idea, especially with the quality of power hour drinks and if you’re too sloshed to get in anywhere by the second bar, you’re not making the best of your night out in Krakow.
High heels
High heels are the pub crawler’s enemy….lots of cobblestones in beautiful ancient Krakow.
Ask guides
Ask the pub crawl guide to mark where the pub crawl finishes on your Krakow map while you’re sober so you’ll know how to get to your bed, whenever that may be.