The Most Popular Clubs In Prague

Date: 11 February, 2019
The Most Popular Clubs In Prague

Prague is the quintessential party capital – an abundance of pubs, cocktail bars, venues and exciting nightclubs, mixed with beautiful people, friendly atmosphere, and delicious beer cheaper than water makes nightlife in Prague unmissable!

While we have got you well and truly covered for visiting the best bars and clubs on our Prague pub crawl, we can’t visit every worthy spot on every crawl, so we thought you might like a little insight to some of the best Prague nightclubs, so you can plan a few nights out before you get here.


Radost FX

Radost FX is renowned in the Czech republic as a pioneer of championing modern club dance music, being the first venue to host the likes of Carl Cox and Paul van Dyke, and beloved by locals looking for quality dance music, House and R&B.

Located on Bělehradská 120, Prague 2 , Radost FX is one of the best nightclubs in Prague for partying until dawn, but there’s also reason to visit early in the evening to take advantage of the on-site café and restaurant, and cocktails that rival some of  the best cocktail bars in Prague.


Lucerna Music Bar

Of course, night clubs aren’t always DJs and glitter balls. There are several live music or concert nightclubs in Prague, of which Lucerna Music Bar near Wenceslas Square is one of the best. Situated in a gorgeous Art-Nouveau building in the connecting alley between Vodičkova and Štěpánská streets, you’ll walk into a fantastically atmospheric venue fuelled by exciting local and international music acts.

But it’s not just live artists here, this is also home locally-famous 80s & 90s dance parties in Prague – so nostalgia is a plenty.



Located in the Old-Town, underground at Revoluční 1003/3 110 00, EPIC nightclub is home to some of the best parties in Prague. Spread over two floors, EPIC is another dance music institution in the capital, having had top name DJs play here over the years. With four bars, an incredible sound system, and dramatic lights, lasers and strobes, the effect is one of pure excitement and makes for a proper club night out in Prague.


Cross Club

Cross club is a cultural institution in Prague and much celebrated among those who love to dance to techno, house, drum ‘n’ bass and RnB. The interior is wholly unique, reminiscent of what often constituted ‘futuristic’ in dystopian films from decades ago – indeed, the coloured neon and scrap metal fixtures and furnishings make me think that this is the kind of club that Mariner from Waterworld would have built with Mad Max; it’s grungy, psychedelic, unusual and very cool.


Cross Club in Prague
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As well as being widely popular for its club music variety, spanning dubstep to hardcore, Cross Club also hosts fantastic live music acts, both local and international, as well theatre, author readings, gabfests and alternative film & contemporary documentary screenings, making it one of the best Prague night clubs for experiencing the alternative and local sub-cultures, as well as dancing.

There’s also a restaurant & café here, as well as a great option if you’re looking for a bar in Prague before venturing onto the dance floor.  Cross Club can be found at Plynární 1096/23, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice, the club opens from 18:00 to 05:00, and the restaurant is open 14:00 – 02:00.


Chapeau Rouge

Some of my favourite nights have been spent in Chapeau Rouge, the three-floor venue at Jakubská 2, Praha 1 which frequently sees the best parties in Prague. We do visit here on our pub crawl, because it’s so frickin’ cool, but you will be welcomed by the friendly staff and happy locals even if you make your own way here.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve just walked into a bar in Prague on entering, but Chapeau Rouge is a sprawling wonderland containing multiple little rooms, nooks and crannies, four bars, and three stages, including downstairs in the belly of this beast, which hosts live international and local bands, nightly club nights and DJ sets. There’s something for everyone here.

The sound is fantastic, the atmosphere is electric, the crowd are a happy fun-lovin’ bunch, and it turns 100 years young this year – one of the best nightclubs in Prague, hands down!



If you’ve had your fill of posh pubs, mainstream venues and trendy cocktail bars in Prague, then slap-bang among them in the centre of the city is your, somewhat hidden, mecca - Vzorkovna. This is a grungy, 'dive-bar' type of setting which is popular among locals looking to chill-out and take it easy in a laid-back and creative club / bar environment.

Live jam sessions break out regularly, as well as organised live acts, and chilled out tunes. It’s maybe best described as an unusual or alternative place, and deviation from typical club convention starts right at the entrance for which there is no light acting as a beacon for night-time revellers, and is guarded by a large, but friendly, Irish wolfhound. I shit you not!



The self-professed 'best Prague club', Retro Music Hall – EDM Club is an expansive night club auditorium which hosts club nights, live music, themed nights & discos and boasts sleek industrial design elements. Theirs is one of the most popular cocktail bars in Prague, and for good reason too, and there is also a restaurant connected to Retro cocktail bar which offers an extensive menu of quality eats.

Retro is located on Francouzská 75/4 120 00 Praha 2 and well worth visiting if you’re seeking a party atmosphere in Prague.



The last on our list of recommended best clubs in Prague is the wonderful Roxy, but it certainly is by no means the least. Harking back to the proper club scene of the 90’s, Roxy is the place to be if you want the essence of a warehouse rave with the character and charm of ambient bars and aged cellars. Roxy has a reputation of having quality well-known artists and acts, having hosted now cult-status concerts and music nights since it arrived to blow-up the club scene in Prague in 1992.

Club Roxy is located on Dlouhá 33 110 00 Praha 1, is free in on Mondays and is a perfect place to finish up any night out in Prague and party until dawn.


That’s it, clubbers. While the best nightclubs in Prague will have an entrance free, you do get free skip the line VIP club entry on our pub crawl, as well as free entry to all venues, one hour unlimited drinks, free shots in each bar, party games with your new drinking-buddies and, of course, exceptionally lovely local party guides. Oh and, when you come along once, you can join us as many more nights as you like for free to enjoy the best parties in Prague.