Things to do in Berlin at night

Date: 19 November, 2019
Things to do in Berlin at night
You have arrived in Berlin! Wilcommen! As you may or may not know, Berlin is huge. It’s so, so big. And a big reason why many people from all over the world flock to the German capital is to experience our famous Berlin nightlife, so this list is going to point you in the right direction, with some tips you won't find in most 'things to do in Berlin at night' articles.

There's so much to see and do at night in Berlin, and not a lot of time to do it. Each area in Berlin has its own energy and culture, each is as good as the next, so we've organised this list of some of the best night-time activities in Berlin into their respective areas; afterall, we don’t want you wasting precious partying time sprinting from the bar in Kreuzberg to the nightclub in Neukölln!

Here's our local recommendations for where to party, where to eat, and other things to do in Berlin during the night - and there's even even a couple of suggestions for where to watch the sunset in Berlin.

Things to do at night in Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain

First up, Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain! It’s one of the most creative areas in Berlin and south Friedrichshain has the highest density of clubs in the city; it’s always buzzing and has an amazing atmosphere at night with people partying until daylight. It’s one of our favourite areas and is home to some of the best night-time activities in Berlin.


Watch the sunset from Modersohnbrücke

Starting off the evening, you can watch the sunset over Modersohnbrücke, or Modorshon bridge. It’s a gorgeous view over the train tracks and you’ll be sat with other like-minded romantics. It’s a lovely way to chill out before the partying starts.

Sunset in Berlin seen from Modersohnbrücke bridge

The ideal way to explore the best of Berlin's bars and clubs is to get on our Pub Crawl. You visit three different authentic Berlin bars as well as getting free VIP entrance to Matrix nightclub, free beer, free shots, exclusive drinks discounts, and you'll meet and party with fun people from all over the world, and us lovely local guides too of course.

All the bars around Friedrichshain are great, you can’t go far wrong with any of them! Some personal favourites are ​Dackhammer​, with its upstairs smoking booths and its ​bananawizen​. Another great casual, cosy bar you should visit is Herman Schulz. It has great drink prices and a really cool vibe, perfect to experience Berlin like a local! It’s located on Finowstraße, so when you’re finished up there you’re close to loads of other great  Berlin nightlife hot-spots.


Where to get the best Currywurst in Berlin at night

If you get peckish, hit Curry 66 for a Currywurst - a quintessential on any list of things to do at night in Berlin. A traditional Berlin fast food dish, it’s perfect to line the stomach before a night of drinking, or to soak up some of the suds during a session, or just as a delicious ketchup and curry powder snack. Curry 66 is a great place to try it and they have a variety of sauces ranging from 1 to 10 on a scale of increasing spiciness. Anything over four is not for the faint-hearted!

Currywurst in Berlin at night

Drinks by the river

Also when the weather is warm, there is no better place to chill out than at ​YAAM​(Young African Art Market). Located by the river Spree, YAAM has been around for 15 years as a hub for young people of different cultures. It also has a street art gallery, Caribbean and African food trucks and a beach bar. With the view of the river, tasty food and good company, you’re sorted for the night.

Another option for ​where to go in Berlin at night​ is to head down to ​Urban Spree​. It’s one of the coolest places in the Friedrichshain area. With a large beer garden, tattoo studios, gallery, and food, it has something for everyone at all times of the day or night. Also situated by the river, the beer garden is open late and regularly holds concerts.

urban spree

The club scene in Berlin, as you probably know, is famously crazy good. The night time in Berlin is as alive as the day, perhaps even more so, with people going to party on Friday and coming home on Sunday. Whatever your music preference or sexual orientation, there is somewhere for you. You’re going to meet some of the most amazing, like-minded people in Berlin clubs; so dive in!

​A riverside after-hours venue with a laid-back vibe, Club der Visionaire ​is in the Kreuzberg area and often has free entrance. You’ll find people hanging out on the wooden deck. It’s a fun, perfect alternative if you want late-night drinks and don’t want to queue for hours to not get into the club-that-shall-not-be-named.

Party in Neukölln, Berlin

Next up is the Neukölln district of Berlin. In the south-east part of the city, it’s definitely becoming one of the coolest places in Berlin right now. With many different restaurants, bars & venues, and hybrid shops, Neuk​ö​lln is definitely a gem worthy of your time when seeking a great night out in Berlin.

If you’re hungry when you arrive, Sahara Imbiss is where you’ll want to go. It's a Sudanese restaurant. trust us The peanut sauce, the falafel, the peanut sauce… thank us later.

For a gorgeous evening view of the city, hit up ​Klunkerkranich​! This rooftop bar has great drinks and sometimes live music. A really cool bar on the top of a shopping center, the view is definitely worth the trip. In the evening you have to pay an entrance fee, but in the daytime it’s free! So, if you’re pinching pennies, get there while it’s bright and watch the sun go down.


Other things to do at night in Berlin

While Berlin is an epic party capital, we realize that not everyone is going to be interested in pub crawls and partying, drinking or dancing until dawn, so we've also got a token gesture at other things to do in Berlin at night that don't necessarily involve partying.

A great Berlin night time activity is visiting one of the many art-house cinemas in the city. Another high rise option, ​Sputnik Kino ​is Berlin’s highest cinema. With current films and open screenings, it’s ideal to get a glimpse into the vibrant film culture of Berlin.

An amazing, cheap Italian place is on ​Kastanienallee. With delicious pizzas and pasta dishes from €3.90, you really can’t go wrong for an evening meal here. The interior is cosy and perfect for a hearty lasagna on a cold winter’s evening. But be warned, this place is very popular! So arrive pre-dinner hours or be prepared to wait a little while for a table. At least black clothes are not necessary to secure entrance.Pane e Vino restaurant in berlin at night

Other things to do in Berlin at night include attending an English comedy night, several of which are dotted around the city. ​​ is where you’ll find all the events that are happening. Most are free and some even have free pizza, so it’s definitely worth checking out. If you’re feeling brave, there are even some events with open mics; that ought to make your trip to Berlin memorable.

If you’re on a budget and are just exploring the city, why not buy a day ticket (€7) for zone AB, and go on your own mystery tour! ​Hop on a tram or U-Bahn with no particular direction in mind. The transport in Berlin is pretty much the best you'll find in any European city, so why not make the most of it?! Change at random stops, mix up your modes of transport and see where you end up. Make sure your phone is fully charged, you've got data for maps, and you don’t get too lost.

Also, at the weekends, public transport in Berlin runs 24 hours so you’ll manage to find your way to bed.....eventually!

Strandbar Mitte ​in Montbijou park is the most wonderful in the summertime! By the river there is a dance-floor and DJ bearing witness to constant dance parties. A favourite thing to do for Berliners on a warm, Sunday evening is to watch people Salsa and Tango. You can participate if you want as well for free and they offer dance classes too.


If you got turned away from the Berghain, don’t worry; there are a few Telediskos dotted around the city, one being in Urban Spree. In a tricked out old-school phone-box, it’s the world’s smallest disco and such a unique experience. The dance lasts as long as your chosen song, and there are options to have a photo or video taken as well. A cool memento of a night out in Berlin!

While on the topic of big small experiences, what better souvenir to take home than a black and white photo from Berlin’s famous photoautomat? Squeeze in all your friends into the tiny, vintage booth and cheese away for a memento of your night in Berlin. ​This website ​has a list of all of the photoautomats in Berlin. why not make it your mission to get to as many as possible in one night.

Series of black & white images taken in a photobooth in Berlin at night

We wish you the best in your Berlin nightlife endeavors, if you do any of our free walking tours in Berlin feel free to get your local guides' best Berlin nightlife tips. We hope to see you on our pub crawl here in Berlin too, but whatever you get up to in Berlin at night, enjoy it!