Things to do in Prague at Night

Date: 3 January, 2020
Things to do in Prague at Night
You’ve spent the daylight hours in Prague seeing the cathedrals, walked across Charles Bridge, you’ve done your Prague free tours. tasted your goulash and knedliki and you’ve taken in the most happening tourist hot-spots; but where to go and what to do at night in Prague? Good question, dear traveler. Thankfully, we've got great answers!

What are the best things to do in Prague at Night?

The short answer: whatever you want. Prague nightlife is one of the most active and exciting in Europe. Whether you’re in the mood for bar-hopping, clubbing, live music, or culture & arts, Prague has got it all and more. Check out our list below to get an idea for the best night-time activities in Prague.

Prague at night

Live Music in Prague

Some of the best Live music in Europe echos between the walls of music venues in Prague. Here's our pick of the best.



While classical music may not be at the top of the nightlife list for all tourists, a concert at one of Prague’s fabulous venues is a must-do for anyone with a taste for culture. The Rudolfinum is not only one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, it also hosts some of the best music you can hear, often performed by international stars. Get your tickets online beforehand, and kick your night off with a bit of culture.

Price: Depends on the event. Generally around €20-30.

The Rudolfinum hall in Prague where once can listen to classical music in Prague at night

Municipal House

Another classical venue to be sure and check out if you have the time, this beautiful art-nouveau concert house is great to stop by in both afternoon and evening. While the beautiful exterior is one thing, the interior Smetana Hall is quite another. Beautifully ornamented and with some of the best acoustics on the continent, Smetana Hall is the perfect venue for listening to the classics. Nightly concerts featuring the music of Mozart, Dvorak, Vivaldi, among others, will delight and entertain.

Price: Depends on the event. About €30


Reduta Jazz Club

If you’re looking for things to do at night in Prague, and are interested in the music and theatre scene, this cultural icon is a great way to experience a different side of the city. Despite its stellar performances, the Reduta is largely unknown to most tourists (and even to a large number of locals). Founded in 1957, the Reduta Jazz Club has hosted hundreds of jazz performers, and thousands of delighted patrons, among them Bill Clinton and former Czech president Vaclav Havel. Solo artists, tribute bands, and big bands are featured every month at Prague’s local home of jazz.

Price: About €15-20

Three men play jazz at Reduta Jazz Club in prague at night

Unique Bars in Prague

Lucerna Music Bar

Transition from music venue to bar, we have the Lucerna Music Bar. Top-notch live music meets club to create one of the most iconic and must-visit locations in the city for good nightlife. The Lucerna features rock and pop bands, both Czech and international, as well as video parties and discos. Come early and stay late.

Price: Depends on the event. Roughly €20. Drink price: €2-4

A singer on stage at Lucerna Music bar & venue in Prague at night surrounded by cheering fans


This grungy, enormous underground hipster-hangout is one of the coolest and strangest places to hit on your list of Prague bars and clubs. The name translates as “showroom,” but it’s so much more than that. Going inside, you’ll descend a staircase and find yourself enmeshed in crowds lining up outside a number of different-themed bars serving beer in mason jars.

Each room of the Vzorkovna has a different ambiance and a different crowd. The deeper you go, the drunker it gets. Get to the end of the bar late enough at night and you might find yourself in the middle of an impromptu jam session. All in all, one of the more eclectic and interesting places to see during your Prague visit.

Average beer: €2-3

two artists perform on stage at Vzorkovna in Prague at night


As can probably be guessed by that name, it was the great American writer and drinker Ernest Hemingway who inspired this beloved watering hole. Paeans to the great man come in the form of Hemingway-themed cocktails, such as the Hemingway Daquiri and the Papa Doble. To honor the writer’s favorite alcohols, the bar also carries sundry varieties of rum and champagne. While on the pricier side of things, the bar’s stunning interior and alluring cocktails will make a great early stop for your nightlife outings.

Average cocktail: €7-8

The drinks selection at Hemingway bar in Prague at night

Green Devil Absinthe Bar

The drink of choice here is, you’ve guessed it, absinthe. However, Green Devil is more than simply a place to get loaded on a strong green spirit (though it also comes in many different colors, including blue, red, and the despicably high-volume black!).

For one, the bar is located in a cavernous underground chamber, with plenty of nooks and crannies to get lost in. The ghoulish green decorations also give you the sensation that you’re caught between a bar and a nightmare, which makes your visit that much more memorable.

green Devil Absinthe bar in Prague at night

As for the absinthe, while you may not be the biggest fan before (or even after) you visit the Green Devil’s, you’ll certainly know more about it than you did coming in. The Green Devil’s wait staff is energetic, passionate, and highly knowledgeable about their absinthe.

Price: Varies. Expect to spend between €10-20


Vinograf Wine Bar

Prague is the home of pilsner beers, but there's only so much good beer you can have before it’s necessary to change things up. Vinograf is a wonderful little winery, and a great place to sample local Czech wines. Czechs don’t generally get asked about their wines as often as they do about their beers, but Vinograf is the exception. Skilled and helpful sommeliers will walk you through the best that Czech vineyards have to offer.

Average glass of wine: €7-8


Bad Flash

For a solid beer bar, Bad Flash is a great place to go. With twelve beers on tap and more than 300 more bottled beers to choose from, you’ve got options unlimited for whatever brew you’re into.

Average beer: €2-3

Clubs in Prague

Some of the best nights out in Prague take place in some of the many clubs in the city. Offering a huge variety of atmospheres, music, fellow party-goers and experiences, you haven't had a night out in Prague until you've hit up at least a couple of the capital's best nightclubs. Here's our local insider picks of the best clubs in Prague for your list.


Chapeau Rouge

One of the most popular clubs in the city, Chapeau Rouge draws a huge and varied audience every night. This enormous club features three floors, four bars, an exquisitely decorated interior, and all manner of acts. Performances in music, multimedia, dance, and theater have all made appearances in the past. A must-not-miss destination for when you hit the town. You can visit Chapeau Rouge on our Prague Pub Crawl.

Average drink: €3-5. Free entry

Chapeau Rouge interior in prague at night

Club Roxy

A Prague clubbing staple and your ultimate destination for hearing good house music in Prague, Roxy is forever dependable for solid music and reasonable bar prices. Perfect for dropping in after midnight, even if you're not a house music fan, there's plenty of chill out spaces here and a friendly crowd making for good vibes. This is also a regular spot on our pub crawl in Prague!

Price: Entrance fee €7-8

Roxy nightclub interior with crowd, dj, strobe lights in Prague at night

Pub Crawl in Prague

If you’re interested in bars and clubs but don’t want to go out solo, the Pub Crawl is the way to go. Here, you’ll be able to check out the city, experience Prague nightlife, and chill out with fellow travelers. After an hour-long power hour, your local guide and fellow party-buddies will visit four great bars for a free shot, more drinks and some mixing and mingling. A final stop at a great local club caps your night. Booking your spot on the pub crawl is highly recommended, especially in Spring and Summer months.

Price: Just €18

young people on a pub crawl in Prague at night

Other things to do in Prague at night

Take a walk through Letna; if you’re looking for ideas for a night in Prague once you’ve tired of the music and bar scene, look no further than Letna. A beautiful and spacious park situated high above the city, Letna park and beer garden is the perfect way to chill out and cool down after the hustle and bustle of the city. The enormous park is situated on a tall embankment, so you’ll get a great view of the city lights. Make it over to the famous Prague Metronome for the best view of the city panoramic.

Price: free

Old Town Square: This most beautiful of cities is also one of the most crowded during afternoon hours. It can be frustrating having to constantly mix with crowds when going to visit the Old Town and Jewish Quarter. Night-time in Prague city, however, is a different story. The best time to see the most popular city sites is actually after the crowds have disappeared, usually around nine or ten at night. The astronomical clock, palaces, Old Town Square, and Jewish Quarter are all completely different experiences once the crowds have gone elsewhere.

Price: free

Charles Bridge at sunrise: The best time to see the world-famous Charles Bridge has to got to be at sunrise. While during the afternoon the bridge is almost too crowded with people to cross, at sunrise it’s almost like seeing a completely different bridge. After a wild night, nothing can compare to seeing the bridge, hearing the sound of the river quietly flowing, and marveling at the color of the sky as it goes from black to pink. Really, the only way to experience Prague’s most famous attraction in this local's humble opinion.

Price: free

Prague castle entrance in winter

Whether you want to hear great live classical or jazz music, or get your dance on, whether you’re feeling Hemingway-esque cocktails, a craft beer, or a Morvian wine, whether it’s house, rock, or pop music you're after, or a stroll through the streets, there’s more than enough night-time activities for you to have the time of your life in Prague at night. Do you have any other suggestions for things to do at night in Prague? We'd love to hear them in the comments below.