Backpacker Pubcrawl Dublin is the Answer to New Year's Eve!

Date: 24 December, 2015
Backpacker Pubcrawl Dublin is the Answer to New Year's Eve!
We here at the Backpacker Pub Crawl Dublin bring happy party-people together for a great night every night. Dublin is a pub wonderland with incredible nightlife and famously friendly locals, all the ingredients for having a whale of a time. New Year's Eve however, that's a whole different animal!

There's no escaping the fact that, although an epic night for getting out and about, ringing in the new year in Dublin city does have it's difficulties. But fear not our Dublin-bound friends, for we have the solution for a stress-free, fantastic December 31st.

Ok, so where to?

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The stress and expectation of where to go for the best NYE night out can usually be enough to drive you demented each year but this year you're in Dublin. No worries you think, “I'm sure we'll find where the party is at”. You can ask your lovely hostel reception folk where to go, but be prepared for a look that spells “aw, you poor naive fool”. You see, all the pubs will be heaving with people, it'll be warm, cramped, sweaty fun. Pubs will all have door staff on NYE to pretty much turn people away as soon as capacity is filled. So you'll likely find yourself traipsing from door to door being refused entry to the inn, much like a certain nativity story. Soon you'll be content to squash yourself into the first body-shaped void you find inside anywhere, try to convince yourself you're having fun and eagerly await midnight so you can just get the fuck away from this madness.

That said, pubs will always look after their proper regulars and make sure they get in if they show up. Well, we are regulars so the Backpacker Pub Crawl will be hitting up a few pubs and the nightclub with zero hassle. All you have to do is turn up and get your drink on. A stress-free NYE night out...that sounds like when you close Skype.

Ready-Made Drinkin' Buddies


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So you're spending new year's eve in a strange city where you don't know anyone yet. No worries, we've got a ready-made gang of like-minded people and local guides to be your drinkin'-buddies for the night, and maybe your new best friends forever. Or maybe just for the night, but it's a big party night and parties are about the collective so join us and have a blast.

The Midnight Make Out

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So on your usual New Year's Eve night you probably remember at 23:50 that a whole new year starts in 10 minutes and that the inevitable midnight countdown followed by the awkward kiss is getting ever closer. Oh no, shit. Who do I kiss? Is there even anyone here that will kiss me?? Oh no, this is going to be so embarrassing...maybe I can just clap at midnight and whistle a bit....oh what do I do??? Do I run to the toilet and lock myself in a cubicle, gently sobbing as I hear a cacophony of ”3..2...1...Happy New Year”, cheers and lip-smacking???? You could. Or you could take advantage of the fact that this new year's eve you're on The Backpacker Pub Crawl surrounded by young, fun-lovin' people and have the entire evening to get to know the group, charm your way into the affections of whoever your eye catches and come to the mutual agreement that “yes babe, when the clock strikes 12, you, me, mixin' our champagne flavoured drool.”
Who knows, you might even get multiple kisses...everyone might kiss everyone. Stranger things have happened during the Backpacker Pub Crawl's rich legacy.

The Expense


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Cover charges to pubs? Hiked-up entry fees to clubs?? This little drink costs how much???!!!
Many pubs which never charge entry will have a cover charge on NYE (fair enough I guess with paying additional staff and door personnel etc.), the club is gonna cost a minimum €15 just to get in, and drinking in Dublin isn't particularly cheap....especially if it's a night for a few cheeky shots and some celebratory champagne. So how about a free welcome beer, free shots, exclusive drinks discounts & specials, free bubbly and free entry to all venues including the nightclub? Done. Thanks, Backpacker Pub Crawl. You're welcome, dearest Pub Crawler.

Feckin' Queues

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Standing in a massive queue for the club in windy Winter weather is for chumps. Backapcker Pub Crawl skips the queue baby!

The Club is Packed!!!


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The nightclubs on NYE are particularly 'tinned-sardine' like. Wouldn't it be awesome to have exclusive access to the VIP area just next the dance-floor with it's own bar service? Well Pub Crawlers, that's exactly what we've made happen. Backpacker Pub Crawlers get exclusive access to the VIP area where you won't need a bulldozer to order a drink and can chill between bouts of dodgy dancing. Nice.

For the night that's in it, we have had to limit our tickets due to crowd control, and they are very limited so book your place now, if there are still places left, for the Backpacker Pub Crawl New year's eve edition. See you soon in Dublin. Happy travels & a Happy New Year to you all.